Teh Tong Tji

April 19, 2015

We have been together more more than a half of our life..
Everybody who knows our story always feels so amazed on our sisterhood, even they often asked me "have you two ever been fought?
I try to remember "when" but I don't find the word "ever"..
Then I said, "it feels like we have our own way to understand and we learn how to treat each other without being excused.."
Aah, when "we" time is so difficult to get in this recent time due to our mad-activity, miss you already lil sissy.. #happyinternationalsiblingsday #sisterhood #fraternity 

--- @tiwwidy

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  1. mood langsung naik kalau habis minum teh

  2. Wuih enaaaak yaaaa.. Koyoke kapan2 aku kudu njajal ning kono...


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