Pengalaman Mengurus Balik Nama Kendaraan

Halo hai.. Bagaimana kabarnya teman-teman pembaca? Semoga selalu diberi kesehatan ya untuk kita semua. Baik kesehatan fisik maupun mental, karena musim pandemi seperti sekarang rasanya banyak orang yang bersedih hati.

Ohya ini juga pengalaman pertama saya mengurus ini. Jadi sempat deg-degan juga. Takut gimana-gimana gitu. Haha.. We know yah, birokrasi. heee
Oke simak ya, semoga sedikit informasi ini dapat membantu teman-teman yang membutuhkan.
Awalnya kalian datang ke kantor Sistem Administrasi Manunggal Satu Atap (disingkatnya Samsat). Nah, baru tahu juga? haha sama! Kalau versi keminggrisnya dalah One-stop Administration Services Office.   Intinya dalam satu gedung itu ada sistem administrasi yang tujuannya untuk memperlancar dan mempercepat pelayanan kepentingan masyarakat. Gitu.
Nah, di Samsat ini kita bisa melakukan banyak hal yang berkaitan dengan surat menyurat kendaraan. Tujuan saya kali ini adalah untuk mengurus balik nama kendaraan roda dua a k a sepeda motor Vario 125, kesayanga…

2nd Liebster Award

This story is still related to the previous Liebster Award. I gave a nomination to eleven bloggers then it was so funny that the nomination was also awarded to me. For those who are still blind about this, please go to the site since in this page, I just answer what my sister, Tiwi asked. Since the questions are in English, then I will answer them in English. Just in case there is any misunderstanding if I use my native language. I do hope that my sentences are gramatically and semantically understandable . BISMILAHI MAJREEHA!

check this out !

1. Tell me what your weird hobby but you like to do that, and explain why you like it!
My weird hobby? Err, it may be taking a deep breath after raining since I love the smeel of the wet ground so much. I think it can’t be explained by any words in this world.

2. In 2013, which cities do you want to visit much?? Tell me and please invite me to join, hahaa..
The whole East Java. Come Join ! :D

3. How many books do you have in your bookshelf?? What the book do you like most??
Actually I have many ones, really. If I’m willing to put them into a box, it may reach half dozens of boxes. Even more, perhaps! I used to compile them since I was a child, but I don’t know where they’re now. There are many books which were borrowed yet no return at all. It’s worsened by the fact that I forget who the borrowers are. These recent times, I like Iwan Setiawan’s most since his books are the newest ones.

4. Do you have a cat?? What’s he/she’s name??
Of course, yes. Molly.

5. Write your quote of life which inspires you so long!!
Err, it may come from Glenn Tripollo. "sejelek-jeleknya karya sendiri, lebih baik daripada mencuri karya orang lain" (aka Once he said, “Though your works are extremely bad, it’s still better than stealing other people’s.")

6. Are you a sleepy person or not??
Sometimes. He he.

7. Give me your best picture taken by you!! It can be scenery, some stuff, a cat, or your self photo, anything.

Bunga Sepatu - Arboretum - Batu - Malang
Canon EOS 550 D

8. Where do you spend a lot for your activities?? 
It must be my room in my boarding house.

9. Who is the person in your life who gives much influence in your life?? 
My mother, father, brother, best friends, friends.

10. What the best movie have you ever seen?? Tell me a little bit of it.
It’s still the same: Harry Potter 1 untill 7! Those movies are endlessly amazing. A bestowed-by-magic child commonly has a very tragic life since he is usually told as a parentless child. Yet, they are many people love him.

11. This is not “must” to do actually, but can you answer my eleven questions in English??
Yeah, as you see.

oke, enough!


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